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It is I, Dezmond

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1It is I, Dezmond Empty It is I, Dezmond on Sun May 01, 2011 2:58 pm


It is I Dezmond, many of you may know my old self "Dmeek" well, lets not explain what happened to him. However I am the new form of him, stronger and better.

Alright theres my little background haha, now to the real point.

My name is Dale Meek, im 16 and live in Virginia of the United States of America. Im a pretty chill dude, not really a talker but I like to help out a bit, whether its advice, helping someone get from point A to point B etc. And so my Character name will be Dezmond if your kinda behind a bit haha. Alright, well I guess thats just about it, I hope to see you all ingame and maybe, just maybe I'll play for longer now. Alright Peace out people. Good Luck in the world!


I also forgot to mention, I play Guild Wars as well, so I personally like that game better, but I will switch off between it and other games.

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