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Game MOD or Forumn MOD

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1Game MOD or Forumn MOD Empty Game MOD or Forumn MOD on Tue May 17, 2011 4:45 pm


In Game Name : KoRn

Position :Game MOD or Forumn Mod

Time playing Affliction : Just started

Code : Uhh 666KoRn666, i guess idk wtf that is o.O

Why do you deserve this position : Well i've been on many staff teams for a long period of time and have done alot of GM'ing and MOD'ing. Some of the staff teams are Nemesis, BlackBox, Crisis, Wicked, and many more. PWN invited me to come play here and asked me to apply. I feel i could help this server out greatly and I'll advertise as much as i can while i play other games.

Notes and Extra : I'm easy to get along with, love to joke around nd have some fun cause if theres no fun its like prison.

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