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Convince Me

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1Convince Me Empty Convince Me on Mon May 23, 2011 8:22 pm


Just asking, not to be ignorant or anything. Why should I join your server? What makes you stand out of everyone else? I'm wishing to find a server in which I will actually stick to rather than reaching the max level and quitting, which I have done on all the other private servers I've attended. Plvling people can only go for so long. Not being obnoxious, just wanting to know if this server is worth it. I'm wanting to know if it's a server I can trust and introduce myself to where, in the environment and community, I'll be free to express myself and communicate in a positive aura with others. Getting to know one another and being "peaceful." (Not a hippie.) Convince me. ^^

2Convince Me Empty Re: Convince Me on Tue May 24, 2011 8:52 am


hey dude ,,

1st of all This is the Same Question I Thinked With and i Was Searching For An Answer . For Me iThink Checking out the Server by ur own self is better but for sure we need some info's about this Server and As my Friend Say Why We Should Join ??

We Are New and Got Invited To This Server .

Thing's is Notcied in Here :

Lvling is Not Eazy As Other P-servers ( Takes More Time ) . and i find that is awsome , ya some times u get bored for low exp but i see this is a good idea even i dont know the Exp rates till now but its low .
uknow why : New Players That Never Played Dekaron Before will Play for More Time and They will Discover The Game Well.

This Server Got New Map's . A9 Gear Weps . good drop rate . EVen Ms is Not Bad ( no laq's )

It Remined's me With 2moons , Item Mall = no Overpower Items or Rings Like Other P-servers

No Unlimit Coins But ya u Can Vote for Them ,

The Server Is new as i sayd and need Abit Time and Ppl help To Get More Players to Join us and will Have a Nice Server here , awsome staff and GM's

Last , iPlayed for 3Hrs 2Day isee No bug's got lvl 105 only xD but ya i spent time Descovring the Maps and Checking Npc's and Stuff like That


3Convince Me Empty Re: Convince Me on Tue May 24, 2011 8:56 am


thats about the jiff of it

we are an a9 server with somewhat low exp rate. our argating isnt to easy and our socketing rate is lowered(can put in gems though) we have good staff members and we have events fairly often. you will see more ingame ^^

4Convince Me Empty Re: Convince Me on Tue May 24, 2011 6:54 pm


Ah, I see. I've been doing surveys for every private server I've joined, reporting them. But don't worry I'm not some kind of spy or anything, just a vast developer. I will download the client momentarily and see you all in-game. Kudos.

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