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Forum Rules

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1Forum Rules  Empty Forum Rules on Mon Apr 25, 2011 6:31 pm


We have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. You should know these rules; most of them are common sense.

1. Regarding Spam.
Punishment : Temp Ban.
You may post a "Thank-you", Alongside a comment; but must not post single topics like "lol" etc. If you spam CONTINUOUSLY you will be warned. If a user asks a question and their topic is spammed with flame, the spam will be deleted and those users banned. If a question has been answerd and continues to be spammed, the spam will be deleted and the answer to the question will not be. The topic will then be locked. If the topic is something fun and people are joining in for example, "Write your name with your elbow" it is fine. Games bring communities together and you will not be punished if posted in the correct section.

2. Regarding Flame.
Punishments : Temp Ban.
No Flaming What So Ever! This is a community, Not A War Zone.

3. Regarding Scamming
Punishments : Perm Ban NO Second chances.
If anyone is caught attempting to scam or are scamming they will be banned if they cannot prove otherwise.
Scamming Results in a perm ban and no questions asked. We do not want that sort of behavior here.

4. Regarding Posting in the wrong section.
Punishments : Warning.
Nothing annoys me more than an idiot posting in the wrong section. First offences; the topic will be moved, second offenses the topic(s) deleted. Runescape account sales go to the Runescape section, any more Runescape account threads the Sell Your Stff section WILL BE DELETED.

5. Regarding Markets.
Punishments : Ban.
If you are selling a RuneScape account, you must post pictures of the stats of it. If you do not, the topic will be deleted.

6. Hacking/Exploiting/DDoS
Punishment : IP Ban
Any attempts or threats of DDoSing these Forums, or "hacking" and deleting archives will lead you to an automatic perm ban.
Abusing an exploit will lead you down the yellow brick road to the ban, however if you do manage to find an exploit, please report it to staff immediately, so we can look at it, and decide whether it needs be patched..

7. Multiple Accounts
Punishment: Perm Ban
Anyone caught to have multiple accounts from a single IP address will have one of them banned. We only allow one account so that in the case of bots (EG ARGA) being released only one authentication is given per person. If for some reason there is a need for 2 accounts at one address (E.G Multiple people use the site) you need to provide proof and an application to one of the administrators.

8. Pornography
Punishment: Perm Ip Ban.
We have players (reportedly, they could be lower) ranging from 9 to 26, maybe older. Please, NO pornography - Its against Terms Of Service. First time is a ban.

9. Back-Seat Modding
Punishment : Temp Ban / Perm Ban
Back Seat Modding is a normal person trying to act alike a MOD in forums. This can be any behavior such as a person going to a thread and pointing another person to "Stop making double posts" or saying things like "Don't spam" etc, etc. If you think someone is doing things such as spamming or double posting, then please report it to the MOD by using the report button, PM or MSN. If you try to be the boss/MOD it will result in the punishment stated above as its considered spamming and can result in flame.

10. False Advertising
Punishment : Warning / Temp Ban If It Persists / Perm Ban for Spam Robots
False advertising is when someone posts a link to a website but only shows the website URL, but when you click on it it uses a referrer and the person posting gains something, this is called false advertising because they are posting a false URL that is really another URL, this is against the rules and will be punished. Other users are not allowed to flame/Spam the topic, but are allowed to notify the staff (See Rule 9).

11. Stealing Credits.
Punishment : Warning.
You are allowed to post other people's Tutorials - But You Must Give Them 100% Credits.
This will result in a Warning.

Special Thanks to:
99% - Bronx for typing it up.
1% - Drayke for proofing.


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