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In Game Rules

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Affliction Rules

1. Respect all staff members.
2. Do NOT ask for staff position.
3. Do NOT annoy staff.
4. Members of staff who abusing powers will be demoted.
5. No impersonating staff.

6. No item scamming.
7. No spamming.
8. No threatening the server in any way.

9. No glitching or abusing bugs.
10. No extreme farcasting, PK with dignity.
11. No Pking in Non-Pking zones.
12. No 3 iteming in PvP
13. No Rushing (Spec and Run)

14. All cash donations go to Corey ONLY.
15. All RSGP and item donations go to Drayke or Cody ONLY.


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 » Official » Rules » In Game Rules

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