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Appealers Please Read!

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1Appealers Please Read! Empty Appealers Please Read! on Tue Apr 26, 2011 12:06 am

Get Owned

Get Owned
Ok if you are reading this then something has happened to you in-game. Do not Fret because this forum topic is for you to make an apology and appeal for an unmute, unipmute, unban, and unipban.

- If appealing for a mute please state:

1. The Mod / Admin that Muted you.
2. Why were you muted.
3. Were you given any warnings.
4. How long is the proposed mute.
5. State your apology for why you should be unmuted.

- If appealing for a Ban please state:

1. The Admin / Co-Owner / Owner that banned you.
2. Why were you banned in the first place.
3. Were you told of what you did.
4. State your Apology for why you should be unbanned.

- Please Note that unban / unipban is bugged atm. So if you are banned at the moment you have basically lost your account.

Thank You,
Get Owned Very Happy

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