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Alright Read This!

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1Alright Read This! Empty Alright Read This! on Wed Apr 27, 2011 10:06 pm

Get Owned

Get Owned
Hello Get Owned Here,

This topic should be used for:

1. Buying Items In-Game
- Example: If you are buying a Red Partyhat In-Game Tell us on the Buying Topic.

2. Selling Items In-Game
- Example: If your are selling a Blue Partyhat In-Game Tell us on the Selling Topic.


1. This is not used for selling anything Rs Wise
- Meaning No Selling Rs Accounts, Rsgp, Rs Items

2. Do Not Spam this Topic it should only be for one post about the item you are selling.

3. Do Not Swear / Talk Bad about other peoples items. The Staff will take care of it.

4. Do Not Ask An Administrator + to Buy an Item or Sell An Item
- I get asked to sell / Buy items a lot

Thank You,
Get Owned

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