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New Applyer? Please Read.

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1New Applyer? Please Read. Empty New Applyer? Please Read. on Mon Apr 25, 2011 10:17 pm

Get Owned

Get Owned
Hello i am get owned an In-game Administrator/ Forum Administrator. I believe since you are reading this that you are applying for the position of Moderator. Moderator is a job that is purposely for responsibility. If you are chosen most likely you are a good applicant and that you are being noticed in-game. As of many times being asked here are some questions that can be answered for you.

Q. How do I become a Moderator?

A. Really start to help around the community and start getting noticed by the players as a good person. Second make an application here on the forums to help out on your chances.

Q. How did I become an Admin?

A. I was very responsible for my position as a Moderator. I was chosen to be Administrator in the time of crisis on our Server.

Q. Will you comment or like my Application?

A. No. I get asked this alot as of being an Administrator. But if you ask me most likely you are lowering your chances instead of increasing them.

Well i Hoped you Learned something. Good Luck to all Who Apply,
Get Owned Very Happy

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